Thursday, April 20, 2017

London Zoo Part V: Reptile House

The last set of my photos from London Zoo (for the time being) come from its reptile house. Here is a king cobra, one of the largest venomous snakes.

A yellow-headed water monitor.

The Annam leaf turtle exhibit had a very interesting design, a stark presentation of some of the threats that this species is facing.

An Utila spiny-tailed iguana, another reptile critically endangered by hunting.

A collared tree lizard.

A Rio Fuerte beaded lizard, formerly considered a subspecies of the Mexican beaded lizard.

A Fiji banded iguana, a species with a lovely color palette.

Some Feae's flying frogs. I imagine they don't get to showcase the "flying" part much in this exhibit.

"Jeff Corwin can hear it, and so can Sir David Attenborough..."

A Philippine crocodile.

A puff adder (the original, not just any species of Bitis).

A Jamaican boa.

A gidgee skink, a sociable Australian lizard, as indicated by the accompanying sigaage.

The White's tree frog exhibit is decorated to reflect one of the habitats wild specimens are commonly found in.

A Sardinian brook salamander.

A black mamba, widely considered to be the fastest snake in the world.

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